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Need a logo? Like business identity development, creating a logo is not just about finding something that looks cool, or professional. It’s important to make sure that your logo produces the image you need your business to project. In the eyes of consumers and potential clients, every subtle nuance from color selection, to font selection, to the actual design, can affect the way they perceive your business.

Logos are unique in that they need to fit a variety of applications --your logo must look just as good on a business card as it does 10’ tall on a billboard. It must look good when copied in black and white, and allowed to shine in full color on a computer monitor.

There are a lot of “logo design” companies (you know, the ones that spam you every day offering you a logo for only $249), and there are a number of software packages available nowadays; but if you really want a professional design, leave it to a professional. You won’t be disappointed. 100% Guaranteed.

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