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Simple, Clean, and Efficient

The most important aspect of any website is that it serve the purpose for which it was designed, and to serve that purpose efficiently and effectively. You want people to spend as much time on your site as possible, but let's face it: you want sales, or you want leads, or you want to be heard --and you want to do it without frustrating your clients/visitors by wasting their time. Information or products should be easy to find and easy to get to. Features should be easy to use. Text easy to read. We strive to meet this goal with every design.


Jonathan Opie Web Designs works closely with every client on an individual basis to determine the specific needs and uniqueness character of every individual and business, to best reflect that individual or business through carefully crafted designs.


We believe that Attention to detail and consistent application creates a highly professional look and feel. Just as in the fashion world, flare and detail can make an outfit stand out; flare and detail are what makes the best websites stand out. We spend a lot of time on details that no one will notice, but would if it were missing. Further, the style must be consistent throughout the entire site --this gives that added edge of professionalism.

About Jonathan Opie

"This business had my name on it. That means that every design, every product, every person on my staff must meet my professionalism and excellence standards. I spend countless hours meeting with clients, and even more at no charge to make sure that the end product is something that I am happy with, over and above what the client expects."